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Above You

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Ex Factory Records signee Karl Walsh the To Hell With Burgundy front man who was signed to Factory by Tony Wilson is back to prove Wilson right. “Mike Pickering said we had a set full of hit singles and he was right too!” The Visitors debut Album Above You picks up where Factory left off.
All was set for a second explosion of Manchester music when the fall of Factory brought an end to an era. Since then having formed their own label, released several independent albums and built a farm in France. Walsh spent some time writing novels in the French countryside “...and then realised that there was a job in Manchester that needed to be done. I knew some great musicians; Mike Crook from Golden Apple and Lazii Batterista who was playing drums for some amazing bands, then I remembered Paul Petricco who started FAB cafe and TV21 but who had always been such a fantastic bass player.” The stage is set for something special, Fac 2012!